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7 Must-see and Do things when visiting Kotor

If you are visiting Kotor, here are some tips what to see and do while you are here

1. Visit St. Tryphon Cathedral

St. Tryphon’s Cathedral is Kotor’s most impressive building, built in honor of Saint Tryphon, protector of the city. It possess a rich collection of art paintings preserving the works of Tripo Kokolj, Paolo Veroveza, Marin Lovra Dobricevic and other great artists. The church has rich collection of gold and silver art objects and wall above main altar is decorated with frescoes from 14th century, showing the life of St Tryphon.
Other walls are decorated with frescoes and releif in gold and silver.

2. Visit St. Luka church

St. Luka’s church has characteristics of the Romanesque and Byzantine architecture. During the earthquakes, this was the only building in Kotor which did not suffer any damage. This church has two altars, Ortodox and Catholic. When it was built, it was Catholic church, but later was given for Ortodox people to use. Floor of the church is made of tombstones – until 1930s people were buried in church itself.

3. Check out Maritime museum

Kotor”s rich history as naval force is preserved in Maritime Museum. There one can see models of ships, photographs, wonderful decorated weapons and preserved uniforms. Museum is located in Grgurina palace build in baroque period.
First collection was founded by the Boka Marine Fraternity around the year 1880. For public it was opened i 1900. After the World War II the whole Grgurina palace was restored and adapted to the museum.

4. Climb the city walls

Only few Mediterranean towns has preserved fortification system until today, and Kotor is one of them. In 1979 UNESCO decided to put the city on the list of world natural and cultural heritage and one of the main reasons were the walls surrounding the Old Town. Entrance to the walls is near the North Gate. Our agency is located just next to the entrance to the walls in case You need any help.
Climbing up 1350 steps may not be easy, but you will be rewarded with amazing view at Old Town at the bottom of the hill and whole Kotor bay beneath you.

5. Go shopping

Shopping center Kamelija is just around the corner from the Old town. Big supermarket, a lot of boutiques with designer clothes, caffes and restaurants and supervised kids’ playground are enough to meet the most demanding consumers. If you are looking for authentic products and souvenirs there are many small shops inside Old Town with variety of products.

6. Visit local market and buy something delicious

Kotor market is located outside of the Old Town, on the right side from Sea Gate, and it’s been here for over 100 years. On this place people from Kotor and surrounding villages and cities came to sell and exchange products and goods. Today here you can buy fruits and vegetables, dairy products and fish, but you can also find stands with jewelry, souvenirs, cloths and fresh flowers.

7. Feel like a local

If you want to feel like local, you have to get up early on saturday morning, since it is market day in Kotor. Since forever, it is part of local tradition to go to the market on Saturday morning to buy fresh groceries and to hear local gossip. After that, must-do is having coffe in some of the caffes on the main square or caffe Dojmi outside the city walls on the left side of the Sea gate.