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Festivals and Carnival in Kotor

Many people think that besides Old Town Kotor doesn’t have anything to offer to guests. But they are wrong: all year round festivals, carnivals and all kind of events attracts more and more people and enrich cultural life of the area. Here is the list of some of them

1. Winter carnival

With few interruptions, this carnival has been held for 500 years. Carnival festivities are one week long with all kind of events on city squares and nearby villages: costume balls for children and adults, concerts, ‘papalada’ – local custom of serving free food and drinks, theatre plays… Culmination is big carnival procession on main road in front of Old Town and burning of Carnival. Most of the group masks are designed as a parody of current events and at the end of procession is a mask that represents person who is guilty for everything that was wrong in the past year and it is burned for its crimes. This carnival has international character and every year gathers large number of visitors.

2. Summer carnival

Much younger than winter carnival, this festival is founded in 2001 when the need to enrich cultural and entertainment content during the summer season is recognized. Again, several days of festivities, concerts, plays and events with main carnival procession with group masks from all around the world.
*This year Summer carnival festivities are being held from 1st to 4th of August, Montenegro Golden Bay invites you not to miss this amazing event.

3. Bokeška noć / Boka night

Over 300 years long tradition, Bokeška noć is held every year at the end of August. Main attraction is a parade of imaginatively decorated boats in the bay in front of the Old Town. Announcement of the winners is followed by fireworks in the night sky with the sounds of Mediterranean music. The celebration continues on the squares and streets of the Old Town until the early morning hours. Bokeška noć is perfect ending of summer season.
*This year Bokeška noć is being held on 18th of August, Montenegro Golden Bay invites you not to miss this amazing event.

4. KotorArt

KotorArt is one of the biggest and most important cultural events in Montenegro and most visited festival of this type in region. The festival was founded in 2002 and is part of the Kotor and Montenegrin cultural identity. It includes several different program units:

• Don Branko’s Days of Music
During July and August over 100 programs are organized on different locations in Kotor: at streets, squares, churches and music hall. This manifestation includes the organization of concerts of classical music, performances of ballet, choir and symphonic ensembles and well-known soloists from Montenegro and surrounding countries.

• Kotor’s festival of theatre for children
This festival is first founded in 1993.later has become part of KotorArt festival. Every year at beginning of July, keys of the city are presented to children and for the next 10 days everything is about them. On the streets and squares of Kotor every day different events are organized and every night theatre plays are performed for kids. Aiming at the development and promotion of theater art, plays include large number of kids and adolescents in organization.

• International festival of klapa singing
Klapa singing is special king of performing and usually can be heard in Dalmatia and Boka. This festival is founded 17 years ago and it is held in Perast. It preserves and promotes a-capella singing as part of Montenegrin tradition. It is held every year in June and during the festival many events are organized: book promotions, art shows , concerts…

5. Fašinada

Every 22nd of July procession of boats loaded with stones sails from Perast towards island Our Lady of the Rocks to throw the stones to strengthen the foundation of the island. The island is made by locals by throwing rocks and sinking old, damaged ships on the location where two fishermen found icon of Virgin Mary, and until today the tradition of throwing rocks remains.

6. St Tryphon Days

St Tryphon days is tradition from 9th century in honor of patron of Kotor. Every year at end of January and beginning of February festivities dedicated to this saint are held: concerts of church choirs, dance performances of folklore ensembles and plays and cultural events.. . On the day of celebration whole day is filled with events. Long mass in cathedral of St Tryphons starts in the morning and pilgrims and believers are gathering. After the mass Boka navy members in uniforms are preforming traditional dance in front of cathedral and city marching band is playing. Celebration continues on the streets of Old Town with procession carrying remaining of St Tryphon trough the town and back to cathedral.

7. Sea Rock festival

Sea Rock festival was founded in 2010. by a group of friend and music lovers. Their main goal was to start a festival of rock music in Kotor, since festival like that didn’t exist in the area. At the beginning modest, with a large number of volunteers, the festival is spreading gradually and becoming a recognized name. Every year more and more visitors are coming and organizers are staying true to themselves bringing only true rock bands and not giving in to the new trends.